Monday, 27 April 2015

PEI Burger Love: Brew Buddy at the Gahan House

Let me introduce you to someone...
Brew Buddy, this is Blog Reader. Blog Reader, meet Brew Buddy...your new best friend!

That's right, this PEI Burger Love creation from the Gahan House is the kind of beefy creation that you'll want to get very friendly with. With a balance of sweet and savory personalities, this burger's flavor profile blends into one unique and impressive taste that's as rare as a perfect friend.

So heading out on the 25th, which was PEI Burger Love's Guinness World Record attempt day, I wanted to commemorate it with my new burger friend, the Brew Buddy. Entering the Gahan, it's warm atmosphere enveloped my senses, the place buzzing with people enjoying themselves and I felt right at home in a cozy booth. Of course, there was beer, beer, everywhere and as usual when it comes to the Gahan, I just can't get enough of the unique variety. Which was good news, since the Brew Buddy provides just that! As a refined Burger, it's sophisticated flavors are awesome in a way that just about anyone can enjoy!

On the topic of beer, there's a brand new feature of Burger Love this year which has introduced Beer and Wine pairings to the beefy creations we all know and love. Which in my opinion can be experienced in no better place than the Gahan House. Having released a brand new APA just in time for the month of April, this new Gahan Angus Ale is once again an outstanding achievement for the award winning Brewery. Lending itself to the Brew Buddy's flavors, this single hop beer seems to jive best with the dijon slaw.

Honestly though, Angus Ale, could a beer feel more at home with a burger if it tried?

Speaking with Executive Chef Cody, we chatted about his excitement over Burger Love, how the Gahan had sold nearly 5,000 Burgers this April and that the creative jumping off point for his creation was an awesome Jalapeño Bacon Jam he makes! Oh, and some personal burger favorites.

I'm pretty sure those numbers speak for themelves, but let me elaborate on what makes the Brew Buddy the success that it has been so far.

8oz of pure Island Beef joins forced with Glasgow Glen Smoked Gouda, Mustard Pickle Slaw, Iron Bridge Ale™ Jalapeno Bacon Jam and Maple Stout BBQ Pulled Pork on a Buttered and Toasted Brioche style bun

Colorful and aromatic, it hits your senses before even reaching the table and once it's in front of you...

One word; irresistible.

And on first bite it truly is just that. A single harmonious flavor with the undertones of beer, sweet maple and the tang of mustard pickles. Creamy with it's smooth gouda and slaw sauce, you don't want to put down this burger.

Breaking it down piece by piece, unique Brioche Bun is accented by unique Spen Malt which gives it another hint towards beer-like awesomeness. I'm excited to say that this airy brioche with it's malt looks like it will be becoming a Gahan tradition. Which is good news for me, because I don't want to wait til next April for another bun like this.

And I've got to give credit to the always exceptional gouda from Jeff  McCourt's Glasgow Glen. This smoked gouda pairs perfectly with the Jalapeño Bacon Jam, the two of them sharing thay subtle smokiness.

The jam itself is a favorite of Chef Cody's,  a creation of his which as I mentioned was the starting place for the Brew Buddy. It's sweet, smoky and slightly spicy nature is really what ties each piece of this burger puzzle together. From the savory slaw to the sweet and tender pulled pork, this jam is the mutual friend they all have and makes them all play nicely together.

All of this comes together to compliment 8oz of fresh and juicy MacPhee's Meats Island Beef. Always the celebrity of April on PEI, this delicious beef is rich and hearty, taking on the flavors of the Brew Buddy perfectly!

To complete my Gahan experience, I added their super crunch panko crusted onion rings to go along with the crunch of the Buddy's slaw!

Remember kiddies, there's all kinds of buddies in live, but not all of them will be your burger buddy and only one can be the Brew Buddy!

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