Friday, 10 July 2015

A Charmed Life at Dalvay by the Sea

With the enchanting morning light streaming in through the Dalvay's sizable windows, I relax with an early cup of coffee in their bright, plantation style parlor. The quiet and peace of morning, surrounded by a combination of history and nature is the quintessentially Island way of spending time which is perfected at Dalvay by the Sea, in Prince Edward Island's Brackley National Park. As you can see from my post last night, I am already enraptured by this destination and waking up refreshed this morning and wandering down to the soft music and coffee bar in the lobby continued my dream-like state.

Taking up residence in this room as I prepared for breakfast, I felt so very much at home that losing track of time was an afterthought. Instead my mind was so beguiled by having an interesting chat about the history and charm of the Dalvay and PEI with Billie, a charismatic member of the staff here. The kind and attentive staff, with their down-to-earth authenticity is the crowning jewel of Dalvay, making it absolutely perfect.

Speaking of absolutely perfect; let's talk breakfast, because's that's exactly what it was.

What's the picture beside perfect in the dictionary?
This waffle, obviously!

Chef Shannon proved to me that not all waffles are created equal and that his is the reigning KIng of all waffles! With a variety of four different waffle styles, I was having a difficult time choosing just one to enjoy at which my ingenious waitress Kayla came up with the idea to do a sampler. With four corners to this gigantic waffle, there was no problem trying each different style all at once! And so as you can see, there is strawberry coulis with vanilla ice cream, banana with dark chocolate genache, blueberries with cream cheese and their classic traditional with powdered sugar and maple syrup.

As this alluring breakfast plate arrived at my table the combined scent of each flavor together was a powerful harmony. This irresistibly decadent breakfast is just as dreamy as everything else that makes the Dalvay unique and special. Because there are waffles and then there are Dalvay waffles, which are light and fluffy with a golden outside and buttery, soft inside; there's really nothing quite like them. With a base already so gourmet, it's no surprise that each different style of waffle paired eloquently with one another.

The Island Strawberries were sweet and juicy, in the style that you so often find on local shortcakes and when served with the whipped cream and vanilla beam ice cream (which I tried with every flavor), it's like dessert for breakfast! The blueberries were just as juicy and yet displayed a more earthy flavor, as blueberries so often do. The perfect fruit for those looking for something a little less decadent, they're just delightful with the cream cheese. The classic was timeless and gave the opportunity to really appreciate the waffle's own unique flavor along with pure maple syrup that has an especially crisp and dare I say, Canadian flavor. Last and most decadent of all was the dark chocolate genache with sliced banana. A favorite flavor combination for many, this is a gown-up version of such a classic with the thickest and richest dark chocolate I've ever had!

An exceptional breakfast by all means. In taste, atmosphere and service, it's another experience marked by the Dalvay's signature excellence. I also can't talk about breakfast without giving another shout-out to Kayla for her friendliness and thanking her for a fun conversation at the breakfast table!

If you recall, last night I promised to let you in on my lovely room. Perched atop the Dalvay, on it's scenic third floor is my own personal retreat at this lovely Inn. Facing the ocean and with a clear view of the Dalvay's pristine lawn and personal lake; sitting in the window seat and writing to you from, what could possibly be the most perfect corner of the world, is an experience I want to relive over and over again. Endlessly, if at all possible.

Decorated with it's own special furniture, there's not one room that's alike in Dalvay, each one furnished with period antiques and making it so no two visits that are exactly the same. Which is basically yet another excuse to keep coming back to Dalvay, not that you really need an excuse, it's just that great. With a massive King Sized bed, the themes of comfort and relaxation are clear. Encouraging guests to connect with the nature and amenities around them, there's no distractions from the outside world. Television isn't a necessity when you've got the living breathing nature channel right outside your window. Birds chirping softly, foxes crossing the lawn and the refreshing sound of the ocean just outside your window; that's really living.

Having had a completely divine sleep in my bed, I was dreaming of the days gone by that Dalvay immerses you in. With photographs of it's past life as an 1800s Summer retreat across the Inn, I could practically feel the spirit of confidence and elegance that it's previous inhabitants were so characterized by. I hope I absorb some of that grace myself, because I could certainly use a dose of the je ne sais quois that has made the Dalvay so attractive for more than a century.

With the theme of a retreat continuing as I got prepared for the day in my private bath, I found an assortment of Tocca bath products at my disposal. For those who don't know Tocca is a specially made Canadian brand that focusing on luxury and purty that inspires the soul with it's fresh scents and naturally sourced spa-like cleansing. With a full-line of Canadian made beauty products, I recommend anyone to check out their brand. My own thanks goes to the discerning taste of the Dalvay for choosing a Canadian brand with it's commitment to the very best. It's not often you find such specialized products in a hotel, let alone ones that are this luxurious!

Talk about presentation! The Dalvay serves a new infused
water every day in their lovely Lobby.

In the comfortable seating area, I'm sipping the Dalvay's orange infused water while planning on checking out their Tennis Court, artisan boutique, walk the grounds and relax by the lake over my afternoon. Oh, and check out the beach. I think I might have mentioned it, but it deserves saying again; one of the Island's nationally preserved beaches is literally right across from this beautiful Inn.

I'll see you later, with even more details about glorious Dalvay by the Sea!

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