Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Deliciously Perfect Breakfast at the Elmwood Inn

Good Morning to all of my hungry friends, this morning I have an absolutely gourmet breakfast for you to read on about! My experience at this 5-Star Bed and Breakfast in Downtown Charlottetown, PEI has been all about old-fashioned charm and a passion for the kind of hospitality and embodies the Island itself. This most welcome philosophy continues seamlessly right into a deliciously perfect breakfast, prepared and served by Jay and Carol, the proprietors of the Elmwood Inn. From their first "Good Morning", I felt embraced by their welcome, just like the warmth of the sunlight pouring into the Dining Room, with all of it's Victorian elegance.

Guests were all enjoying themselves, their happy voices blending pleasantly with soft, atmospheric music as I took a table and admired my own little nook of this perfect morning. Breakfast by candlelight in the soft atmosphere in the Dining Room has no comparison, it's atmosphere accented with fresh cut flowers. Much like the ones that surround this lovely home, the flowers added yet another pleasure for the sense with their beautiful fragrance. It's easy to imagine the most discerning of past dignitaries partaking in such a rich experience, especially with all of the classic serving china with it's vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns. Each piece playing host to a story that the Innkeepers are proud to impart and fascinate guests with.

To start, the choice of freshly squeezed orange juice or apple cider is offered, to which I chose the cider, since it is a personal favorite of mine. Although I heard many a compliment to the orange juice that I may just have to try it out tomorrow morning! Added alongside is either delicious coffee or a broad assortment of teas. It's no surprise that I picked coffee, since it is, after all, one of my cherished parts of any morning. With a pleasantly medium strength and slight spiciness, the Elmwood's blend is the perfect crowd pleaser.

The first plate of the morning was a truly artistic fruit assortment, designed to be as visually appealing as it was on the palate. Drizzled with their light, house made orange yogurt sauce was fresh, crisp strawberries, kiwi, apple, pear, melon, cherries and more, all complimented by the creamy sweetness of the sauce. This delicious assortment of fruit is a classic, which in many different varieties graces the plates of Elmwood guests each morning and start their day with a taste of nature and wakes the sense. I'm looking forward to see which unique and nearly too pretty to eat fruit is offered tomorrow!

Their main course on this already delicious morning was Lemon Ricotta Pancakes served with Raspberry Maple Syrup on the side. A fluffy treat which is totally gourmet and plated to please, these pancakes are yet another reason to the litany of why the Elmwood is just so irresistible! With an airy, almost heavenly texture, these cloud like pancakes were unique to me and I imagine the ricotta is exactly what gives them their one-of-a-kind perfect finish. The maple syrup, another house made treat, is the sweetness of a Canadian delicacy while having the slight kick of raspberry, making the warmth of this syrup's flavor the ideal pairing with the crisp and zesty lemon of the pancakes. I may have even sneaked a couple drops o the syrup into my coffee...and it was so amazing!

With so many options, Jay and Carol are Innkeepers with a heart, making sure that each guest is served a meal that accommodates their unique dietary needs. Whether your life and eating habits are controlled by allergies, sensitivities or intolerance, the Innkeepers want you to enjoy breakfast to the fullest and enjoy every single bite to this perfect morning start.

No wonder the dining room is filled completely with smiling faces! I can't wait and I bet you can't either to see what the Elmwood is serving up tomorrow morning and to check out my next room in this sampler of this terrific 5-Star Inn!

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