Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Suite Taste of the Historic Fairholm Inn

Since the year 1838, there has been a vision of elegance and loveliness, revered by locals, a landmark for tourists and adored by all who see it; this is the Fairholm Inn. A nationally recognized historic site that has been a labor of love and vision since it's beginnings,  what was once a prominent family home has now been transformed into a home away from home for people from every corner of the world.

Me included.

I'm thrilled to say that my next stop on a tour of Canada's best 5 Star Inns is the Fairholm. Located in the heart of Downtown Charlottetown's historic center, it's just as passionate a site to see as has been for the past two decades. Famous for its' radiantly Victorian d├ęcor, exceptional service and over-all experience which lives up to its' 5 Star appointment, the Fairholm steals your heart from the moment you arrive. Strolling through their lively garden, fragrant flowers welcome you to the impressive front door. Grand and yet quaint, there's a genuine quality of it that beckons guests to join them at the Fairholm. A paragon of hospitality from the start, I'll be chatting with you all more about this home's history tomorrow at breakfast.

For now, I just want to be immersed in the powerfully magnificent presence of the Fairholm that literally adopts your heart and senses with wonder and awe. The high ceilings lend immediately to the sense of Victorian aristocracy, making even the most casual of guests feel as if they've joined the elite of Prince Edward Island's past. The kind of house people dream of living in, owners Brooke and Gina made this dream their reality and a gift to the countless people whom they host year-round. Like the pages out of a Victorian era novel or rooms spread out in an elaborate doll house, the Fairholm has an air of romance that's just too good for reality. Its' essence of dignity radiating in ever detailed corner and lingering in the hearts of those who encounter it.

Greeted by Doris, the Fairholm's engaging and charismatic Innkeeper, she made me feel right at home immediately. I honestly felt like I had always known her from the warmth and happiness that she radiated! With a passion for the Fairholm she's already told me some interesting and colorful facts about the home. Her assistants Meghan and Tess were as sweet as sugar and so genuine accommodating, I want to bring them  on the rest of my trip! With all their hearts one-hundred percent invested into the Fairholm, there no wonder why guests return year after year.

Each room a unique treasure, the Fairholm hosts two houses on the same property, both with contrasting themes of Victorian elegance of the Fairholm and modern sleekness of the Carriage House. The best of both worlds is offered all with the same hospitality which has made this Inn such a success. In fact, the Fairholm has attracted the attention of some very discerning guests; namely Sir Paul McCartney who stayed in the Fairholm's Brecken Suite. Of course, it's become a wildly popular Suite with sweeping size and King bed, but really, all the Suites at the Fairholm are fit for music Royalty. Take, for instance,  the Lucietia Starr Suite; my own room.

I may not be nearly as rocking as Paul McCartney, but I definitely know luxury when I see it and this suite has got it covered. To say it has character is a gross understatement, to say that it is a character of its' own seems a bit more fitting. With an amazing Island crafted archway and outstanding brick wall that's original to the home, you immediately see what architectural wonders are a part of the Fairholm.

Tucked romantically behind the arch and hidden away by the vaulted ceiling is a comfy Queen sized bed. The dark wood four poster bed gives an even deeper sense that the Lucietia is embracing you with everything that makes it special. An old-fashioned fireplace and pristine antiques are throughout the room, from the seating area tucked between two windows that overlook the Fairholm's garden to the grand dresser which a flat screen TV is displayed upon. There's even a lovely writing desk and chair, perfect for writing postcards to your loved ones. Or rather teasingly sending them photos of the Fairholm and saying "Wish You Were Here", because at this point we know one thing... Obviously everyone wants to be at the Fairholm!

The bathroom is unique in that it makes use of warm Victorian colors that exude tranquility. This goes nicely with the large, deep, soaker tub that is its' centerpiece. With an assortment of Aveda bath products, the connection to the relaxation of earthiness and that strong peace is the perfect way to unwind after a day of exploring around the Fairholm's perfectly convenient location.

Stepping into the Lucietia Starr Suite is like taking a trip back in time, sending you to the days when elegance was inherent. I feel fancier as soon as I walk in, which is a really amazing bonus that you don't get at just any location. Surrounded by its' antiques and well-appointed imported wallpaper I understand why, after hearing fellow guests discuss the Fairholm, they said that there is literally no other place on PEI they would stay. It grabs your heart and doesn't let go...

And I surrender, willingly!

See you all tomorrow morning at breakfast, when the gourmet delights of the Fairholm are revealed!

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