Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A Taste of Heaven at the Barachois Inn

The Beautiful MacDonald House
where my Suite is located.

There is, in my opinion, no place in the world that is able to inspire in the exact same way that Prince Edward Island is and even more unique to that are the shores that have given endless inspiration to readers and one very special author whom is the Island's treasure. Yes, in the natural wonder of Rustico, PEI, I feel, see and am surrounded by the light and beauty that would have lighted the imagination of L.M. Montgomery, countless of it's visitors and now my imagination too. Traveling on my way to the Barachois Inn, an elite 5-Star Inn located at the center of "heart" of the province, my breath was stolen so many times by sweeping views of the ocean, endless forests in their lush hues of green and all of the simple pleasures that make PEI a place which nourishes the soul. My search for peace, relaxation and a sanctuary to bask in such qualities was found as I drove up the charming country lane to see a vibrant and elegant Victorian home greet me.

The Barachois Inn, surrounded by some of the Island's oldest historic sites, a magnificent Victorian garden, two stunning guest homes and that unique light which is characteristic PEI, filled my heart from the moment we met. I was excited and refreshed, all at the same time to see my journey take me to such a true retreat. Greeted by the Innkeeper Judy MacDonald, it felt like I had been here so many times before and was arriving once more, back home and into the comfort of elegance. Her warm smile and gentle, smiling ways made me too smile and added to that overall sense of being exactly where I'm supposed to be; at home at the Barachois Inn.

My Own Private Deck

After taking in once more, my wondrous surroundings, Judy welcomed me into my room, the Premium Suite #5. In their newly built MacDonald House, it's an exceptionally spacious room which matches the sophisticated nature of the Barachois Inn's historic era while living up to all of the modern conveniences that we have come to covet as humans. Not only is my room fully equipped for comfort but the MacDonald House itself houses some of the Barachois' fantastic amenities. Fresh, bright and filled with the spirit of PEI, this Suite is decorated with the works of local artisans, pristine antiques, rich fabrics and dark woods... Not to mention a view overlooking the Barachois' enchanted Victorian Garden and the Rustico Bay all from my own private deck! This truly is the most heavenly of places one can call their home away from home. Luscious breezes waft in with the scent of sweet flowers and the Island's unspoiled air through the large windows which bring the light of the sunrise into your room.

Yes, Heaven, indeed.

One of the most unique and for me, personally exciting elements of this room is the gracefully dignified wrought iron canopy bed that is its' centerpiece. A replica of what was once the bed of Earnest Hemingway, as a writer and a lover of fiction, my heart could not be more filled with the spirit of imagination! Not only is the bed classically elegant with it's intricately detailed leaves, posts and a wrought iron halo above you, it's also so comfortable that my sleep was cloud-like. As if I were floating away on all of the inspiration and beauty of the day. Awaking as refreshed as I am while I write this, I smile to think of the sweet dreams and peaceful reprise it has already given me and will tonight as well.

Throughout the room, there are touches of Innkeeper Judy's understanding of exactly what her guests need. Having been a part of the MacDonald's house creation from it's start and to this very day, she has put home-style touches which are finished with the polish of their 5-Star appointment. The seating area is warm with it's crisp mantle and beautiful fireplace. Connecting with the sleeping quarters, the two connect to one another and share the glow of it's softness.

Perfect for a girl like me, giving in between the love of a prestigious era gone by and all the technical and easy-to-love conveniences of the current day, this suite feels like it's made just for me! With a television, CD player with an assortment of music to borrow, Wi-Fi Internet, air conditioning, modern kitchenette and enough well appointed power outlets to host my entire arsenal of electronics; I see no reason to ever leave the Barachois Inn! ...I wish I could call it my permanent home!

The bathroom is yet another paragon of luxury with it's air massage tub, which made for the ultimate way to wind down after a day of enjoying myself in interesting sites surrounding the Barachois Inn. An incredibly deep soaker tub, the air massage was just as relaxing as it was refreshing and it's no wonder, when paired with the Suite's bed that I am now bright-eyed to see what today at the Barachois has to offer!

The true and only way I can describe this suite is to say that I feel truly privileged to being staying here and I am still pinching myself to see if it's all some incredible dream. Along with the other amenities of the Barachois Inn, which we'll be taking a look at later today, I can't say with words just how terrific this jewel of Prince Edward Island is.

Upon arriving Judy also provided me with passes to visit the PEI National Parks across the Island and also a pass to see the famous house of Green Gables in Cavendish, a special treat that she afford to each and every guest who visits her Inn. Not only that, but within steps to the Barachois itself is the oldest Catholic Church on the Island, the historic Farmer's Bank of Rustico and Doucet House, all places I plan on seeing today and walking us through together! Who knew that while staying in the retreat of this quiet location there would be so many rich cultural experience not only a few steps away but right in the gorgeous view surrounding me. I said it before, but it begs saying again, the Barachois Inn is surrounded by Heaven and partakes in that completely; a taste of the divine.

Meet My Deck's Little Morning Visitor!
He looks ready for Breakfast too.

Speaking of tastes, it's nearly time to head for Breakfast in the Gallant House, the Barachios' original historic home which houses their dining room and many other guest rooms. I'm already excited to see what culinary delights Judy and her staff have in store for me, I've heard many a wonderful thing about her delicious breakfasts and after I'm done, you will too!

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