Monday, 6 July 2015

A Wonderful Breakfast at the Elmwood Heritage Inn

This morning, from the moment I woke up in my suite at the beautiful 5-Star Elmwood Heritage Inn in Downtown Charlottetown, PEI, I was refreshed and delighted for the day ahead! One of the things that excites me the most being another glorious breakfast, prepared by the expertise of my lovely host and hostess.

One of the happy families I was lucky to share the Dining Room with
this morning!

Selecting a seat this morning, my photographer and I chose the circular nook in the dining room, an intimate corner, radiant with sunlight as it reflects through blue, red and prismatic antique cut class. Next to one of their rich wood cabinets, Jay brought out the mates to our table's dishes and explained the story of this stunning, over one-hundred year old settings. Having collected the set at two different locations and two different times, they were brought together again and given the perfect home, a place to be adored by guests from across the globe. Another of the refined curiosities that fill the wondrous Elmwood, it's no surprise that wherever you turn a new enchantment is there to amaze you. Honestly, I felt like royalty having breakfast served to me with these plates gracing the elegant table with their lively blue hue and golden trim.

Along with this perfect setting is of course, the perfect breakfast! Starting off with their coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice today, it was a compliment to the theme of Jay and Carol's planned meal. The smooth orange juice having, of course, the freshest of flavors was just rich with the fruit offering. Bananas and orange slices, sprinkled with lightly toasted pecans and the Elmwood's orange yogurt sauce drizzled on top. The juicy oranges with the creamy bananas paired their flavors with the lightly sweet and nutty nature of the pecans. Presented in these exquisite bowls, I savored ever last bite.

Continuing the theme of delicate citrus and refreshing orange, the main this morning was an orange french toast served with rustic thick cut bacon! The fresh toast was fluffy and stand alone gave off a delicate orange flavor that reminds me of the sweet freshness of orange blossoms. On the side however, was maple syrup and a very special sauce created by Jay; orange grand marnier butter. Made for his wife, Carol, who loves Crepe Suzette, this sauce is an entirely splendid compliment to her french toast. At Carol's suggestion I blended both it and the maple syrup onto my french toast and the harmony of flavors was absolutely luscious! Sweet, a touch savory and just downright yummy, I doubt I'll ever be able to eat french toast any other way! The smoky thick-cut bacon was just about the best way I've ever eaten this trendy little breakfast meat. Three slices of the perfectly cooked bacon were on my plate and I could have sneaked into the kitchen to get even more! It's just the kind of bacon that a Canadian girl like me can't get enough of.

There was also a very special guest at this morning's breakfast and while I always enjoy socializing with everyone at Bed and Breakfast's there was one young woman who made this trip to PEI something very, very special. As a gift for her 16th Birthday, you can see with her family, she chose a trip to the Island at this very special Inn. Having heard the story so many times of her parent's Honeymoon, which led them to PEI, she too picked this very special location to mark such a milestone in her life. So a big Sweet 16 wish goes out to her for sharing it all with us at the Elmwood!

This lovely Mother and Daughter are enjoying breakfast too.

And so, another terrifically and locally sourced gourmet breakfast has been absolutely adored here at the Elmwood! Stay tuned to read more about my suite later on today!

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