Friday, 3 July 2015

An Elegant Welcome at the Elmwood Heritage Inn

A beautiful day on Prince Edward Island, tucked away among gardens surrounding a stately Victorian home with the sun beaming down on it and me...

Perfect? Most definitely...

Today marks the second stop in my cross-country journey to find the most welcoming, luxurious and of course, elegant places to call my home away from home. Still on lovely PEI, I have found a retreat which is conveniently located by Downtown Charlottetown's most beloved attractions and yet tucked in one of the most peaceful and prestigious neighborhoods the City has to offer. The grand Elmwood Heritage Inn is a home that has been a vision of elegance and architectural prominence since the 1800s and since then has built a reputation that lives on in the memory, hearts and even artistic expressions of many. Needless to say, this 5-Star location was an absolute must visit before I leave the Island to discover what the rest of Canada has to offer!

Arriving at the Elmwood and diving up their quiet lane, I was awe-struck by its' presence and immediately felt the aura of an era gone by while walking up to the entrance. Everything about Innkeepers Jay and Carol MacDonald's home speaks to the days rich warmth, refined grace and above all the coveted tranquility which is an integral of the pilgrimage to the Island. The unique opportunity to be at the heart of Downtown's exciting historic, culinary and artistic scene while being surrounded by the peace of nature, a fragrant garden, luscious breezes and the soft chirping of birds is a sort of unparalleled way to take in Prince Edward Island. Of course, it wouldn't be a true Island experience without the famous hospitality that precedes this tiny province's reputation and that's exactly what I received from both Jay and Carol. Genuinely caring and incredibly passionate about their Victorian mansion, I was inspired by listening to them recount the history of the home, it's inspiring nature and taking a tour of the unique spaces of the Elmwood Inn. Like friends opening the door to a long-awaited guest, I couldn't have felt more at home.

During my visit I'll be staying in a selection of their unique rooms, a fun way of getting acquainted with all the Elmwood has the offer. Lovingly dubbed "The Sampler", it's a way of staying at the Inn which is requested by many a guest and makes the most of sharing your time here. The Peake Suite is my first personal sanctuary at the Elmwood and it's as charming and well-restored as the rest of the Inn. Opening up to a welcoming sitting room, one of the home's eight original fireplaces is the first thing to greet you. Antique furniture and calming hues help to continue the theme of this haven. A retreat on the Elmwood's third floor, it's perched so close to the garden's mature trees that the swaying and rustling of their leaves that you feel one with nature.

The ideal spot for a family, along with the elegant bedroom this suite's sitting room has two single beds, perfect for extra guests or even for lounging in comfort as I am at the first moment. With their adorable quilts complimenting the soft yellow on the wall and delicate fresh flowers in the sitting nook, old-fashioned charm is immediately embodied. Along with extra sleeping-space there's a fully equipped kitchen directly in the suite which serves perfectly for packing picnics, keeping fresh Island seafood cold or even on those days when you would rather relax, stay in and enjoy the beauty of the Inn and it's grounds. Did I mention that there's even two flat screen TVs and an assortment of films to be watched? Jay and Carol have thought of everything for making this room perfect, even for movie night!

The bedroom envelops you with it's proverbial warmth, the walls' rich pine color and Queen bed's ornate canopy beckon you to be soothed by your surroundings. I'm already looking forward to tonight's rest in the pillowy comfort of its' bed (yes, I already tested it) while snuggling under the covers, dreaming of tomorrow morning's breakfast!

Along with all the comforts of home (and more than you'd find at home), the bathroom is bright and cheerful and offers a lovely claw foot tub for soaking after an exciting day of discovering PEI. Another touch of the Victorian elegance that is the hallmark of the Elmwood Inn, I am already anticipating what their other rooms hold in store for me. I'm one lucky girl and I know you'll feel lucky too, once you've gotten to experience the Elmwood Historic Inn for yourself!

Tomorrow, I'll take you to breakfast with me and we'll see what delicious treasures will be awaiting in the stunning dinning room!

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