Tuesday, 14 July 2015

An Inspired Visit to the Great George Hotel

It's another wonderful morning from the Great George Hotel in the historic heart of Downtown Charlottetown, PEI! My stay here has been one that has redefined hospitality and elegance, giving me a fresh perspective on just how amazing it can be to stay at a home away from home. Each moment, every person and every piece of the Great George which comes together seamlessly shows the perfection that drives this place and leaves me with such a powerful impression. It's definitely love, unrequited love.

This morning I went down for Breakfast again to the parlor, which was already host to smiling faces, refreshed and as I am to take on the day. There was Lynn again, the Great George's morning sunshine, helping guests and making their mornings that much more cheerful with her pleasant wit and charismatic disposition! I for one, was happy to see her again and had a lovely chat over my granola, coffee and fresh fruit. At the Great George it's easy for me to wish that breakfast would never end. In it's warmth, atmosphere and soft music, there's a gentle waking which is relaxing and invigorating all at once.

But of course, there are still so many interesting things to see in Charlottetown and Ian was going to give me a tour of one of Great George's romantic honeymoon suites! On my way out to meet him, I took a peek at the Grab and Go Breakfasts, my curiosity needing to be satisfied and saw that along with a fresh apple and juice there's also a muffin and protein bar in these power packed breakfasts. A good combination to start the day, it's nice to see even the busiest of guests can benefit from the Great George's timely thoughtfulness.

Now, for that Suite! I had heard the story of a bride who recently stayed at the Great George's Caroll House and what captured my imagination was the delightfully playful idea that she could simply stroll across the street to her wedding. I can only imagine the adorable photos this made and realized just convenient a location the Great George is for weddings and honeymoons. Of course, convenience isn't the only thing it is, more so hopelessly romantic. With its' undeniable historic romance, the Great George Hotel is prime destination for couples looking to celebrate their new love or relish in their long-lasting personal romance during an anniversary.

Suite 641 happens to be one of Ian's favorite of the Romance Suites and I can see why. Situated in the intimate Caroll House, the quaint charm and exquisitely appointed antiques make an impression at first sight. On the ground floor, this suite's view is of the Basilica itself, rising majestically aboe you through the large windows with their plantation shutters. Giving off the perfect vantage to really experience the grandeur of this Church, one of Downtown Charlottetown's architectural jewels, it's own charm is added to that of the Great George making this room perfect both on the inside and outside.

Inside, the Suite clearly has it's romantic guests in mind. There's a generously sized soaked Jacuzzi tub, probably one of the largest I've ever seen, which shares the bedroom with a King sized bed. The Great George's signature pillow top is offers premium comfort both in feel and in size. You can no see why I say it's so incredibly perfect for those celebrating romance and love. The second room of this cozy suite is a sitting area with an intimate leather couch which doesn't stretch my imagination too far to imagine a couple cuddling happily together while looking on at the beautiful character fireplace.

Filled with the romance of it's charming origin era, Suite 641 also displayed all of the modern conveniences you could possibly need. Two flat screen TVs, privately controlled air conditioning, a fridge, fully equipped bathroom with Aveda bath products and your own private deck for two. The decor is a mix of modern meets old-world, with deep leather furniture, rich woods and impressive pillars meeting fresh and light paint colors that brighten the senses.

One adorable touch that completely charmed me was particularly attractive writing book on the desk in the suite which inside invites guests to write down their own stories for future people sharing this suite to read and reflect over. Something that I have never encountered before but which has to one of the nicest and most creative personal touches I've ever seen, it's a special nod to all of the those who are a part of the Great George's Caroll House.

Also worth mentioning is the Great George's luxury vehicle for very special occasions. One of the recent stories I heard of its' chauffeuring power was of bringing a bride and groom to the PEI Brewing Company for their Wedding Reception. A creative venue that hosts many a special events, it's one of the Island's newest and hippest spots to celebrate just about anything!

And so, when I think of departing from the Great George Hotel, I'm inspired to quote a (mildly) popular bard.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow."

Okay, so maybe I'm quoting a really popular bard, but the true importance is the meaning behind it and the famous oxymoron behind it. Truly parting from the Great George is sorrow, because I wish I could linger here forever, but in turn it too is sweet, because anything at all that involves the Great George is creates a special memory. These special, sweet memories will live on for me and someday lead me back to the Great George Hotel to once more surround myself in it's beauty, finery and magnanimous spirit.

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