Friday, 17 July 2015

Another Perfect Day at the Barachois Inn

As you can imagine, I've been having a purely heavenly day and the reason why is the Barachois Inn. My retreat on the third floor on the Inn has proved perfect for quiet contemplation and even a bit of creative writing, which is no surprise, considering how quaint this Victorian treasure is. As I mentioned in my previous post, it's like stepping into one of L.M. Montgomery's novels and into the true past of the Island's charming olden days. It's done wonders for my imagination and I feel a tranquility deep in my soul which belongs to the Barachois. WIth my return to this lovely Inn, I wanted to take in as much as possible and so booked two different rooms in their traditional Gallant House.

So I've moved into the room across the hall from me; the Victorian Traditional Three! The only other room on the third floor, it too takes advantage of the unique architecture that the mansard roof offers. Much like the Traditional Four it offers dormer windows with delicate curtains and breathtaking views overlooking the Barachois' property. However, this room is different in it's cozy romanticism, making it perfect for couples looking to share an intimate hideaway perched among the trees. It feel as if you're sitting in the sky as you peer out amongst the garden from your bird's eye view and I swear, with all of the soft beauty around, I can practically touch Heaven!

Yes, utterly romantic, this room features a beautiful a Queen Sized mahogany sleigh bed, it's crisp white coverings accentuating its' elegance and presence among the antiques of this room. Comfy and cloud-like, I can tell that like all of the beds at the Barachois my sleep will be sweet. Looking onto an antique wood cabinet, that conceals a flat screen TV, it's the best of the Victorian era while hiding all of the little touches that we crave as a modern society. I for one, am completely content to sit at the antique desk, writing postcards and reading quietly while listening to soft music. And with it's third floor location, it's the perfect spot for peace and quiet.

Another hopelessly romantic touch is the antique claw foot tub which sits under a particularly prominent slant in the mansard roof. With the delicate and fresh floral wallpaper and the tub's depth, you know it's time for a good, relaxing soak as soon as the bathroom welcomes you. Obviously my favorite part of the bathroom, there are other small touches that speak to this house's lifetime two decades ago. Throughout the entire room, you'll find furnishings and curios which would have been the delight of days gone by and still never fail to delight today.

A thoroughly "Anne" Room, this would be perfect for a couple who want to share in the same atmosphere that no doubt fostered the imagining of Anne and Gilbert's timeless romance. Given that I am so lucky to be experiencing many aspects of the Barachois Inn for myself, I can literally say that there is a room for every taste and ideal for every occasion. It's wonderful to think that such diversity is held within one property located in one of the most heavenly corners of PEI. A helpful hint for Anne fans, the Barachois actually offers a really fantastic Anne themed package which will see you around to all of the significant sites on the Island, one of the musicals Anne's story has inspired, a carriage ride with Matthew and more! It just goes to show how organized and amazing things can be when you let the professionals do your planning for you.

I also got the opportunity to spend part of my day taking in the Barachois' Gallant House. This nearly two-hundred year old house is a testament to Rustico's history and to Innkeepers Judy and Gary's dedication to the property. With three floors, decorated in pristine detail, every corner is a discovery and each window frames a picturesque scene of the environment around you. I get such a thrill just climbing the stairs, taking my time and looking at all the little pieces around, especially the one-of-a-kind artwork that makes the walls lively with soul. A tribute to great Canadian artists, each piece has been hand selected by Judy who has squired them in all manner of ways, whether it be from the artists themselves or even adopting them from auctions. Her history in the arts industry shines through with each unique piece making themselves right at home on her walls.

And speaking of feeling right at home, that's exactly the way that I feel here. Relaxing in their beautiful parlor and letting my soul absorb it's elegance, there is a real sense that I am home. Across the antique piano are photographs of Judy and Gary's family, giving you a glimpse into their lives and how the importance of their family has built such a wonderful place to welcome others. Discerning taste has brought together all of the antiques that make up this space and although many clearly come from different places and unique origins, they're all a part of the Barachois now. Being connected by the common love that brought them together. Especially the light fixture, I really love that light fixture!

Another day at the Barahois Inn, I think I may never, ever leave. Ever.

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