Thursday, 9 July 2015

Arriving at the Magnificent Dalvay by the Sea

Nestled in one of Prince Edward Island's most beautiful and beach-oriented National Parks is a historic home that partook in the prestige of the past and lends itself to that same eloquent nature in modern times. A retreat resting next to the Dalvay Lake in Brackley National Park is Dalvay by the Sea, a magnificent sight to behold and just as splendid to experience. Inimitable in it's nationally preserved location, historic origins and breathtaking architecture, Dalvay just as outstanding in service, amenities and warm hospitality.

If you haven't already wagered a guess, Dalvay is where this luxury-seeking wanderer has chosen to call her home away from home. Today, arriving at the Dalvay was like stopping time, walking into somewhere so exceedingly beautiful and overwhelmingly charming that it lives in a timeline of it's own. One that I am happy to share as long as I can. It's elegant exterior is just the beginning; walking across their sweeping veranda and feeling a breeze off it's neighboring ocean-side was absolutely delicious. And if its' exterior if a feast for the senses its' interior is nourishment for the soul and the imagination. Having long inspired my muse, I am no stranger to the Dalvay; it's impression even marking some of my works of literature. So you can imagine just how thrilling it is to become a guest.

Welcomed graciously by their staff, the balance of graceful professionalism and Island cheer gave me reverent pause. Especially Johnathan and Brett who, in my short time here, have treated me with the care of friends and show a genuine inspiration towards this hospitality industry. That sort of passion to make people happy and to share their travels with them is the jewel of any accommodations.

Of course, speaking of jewels, the Dalvay itself is one of shining consequence. As I continue my stay with you reading along, I'll be talking more about the home's history and eminence, but for now, let me just give you a taste of what it's like here.The sitting rooms, all with the most majestic fireplaces, welcome guests to share their time and happiness in the warmth of their light. Comfortable chairs with large tables to read or play games at are open for families to share quality time, while the grandest fireplace of all has three cozy couches nestled close for couples to share a romantic interlude. Or, if you're me, to share a fleeting moment with a warm cup of cocoa and one of their yummy chocolate chip cookies. This all adds to the sense that time has truly come to a stop just for you, that relaxation and peace rule the Dalvay and you are surrounded by the most striking landscape PEI has to offer.

This post is just to tease you about my coming experiences and lovely room, with a view that's worth contemplating and meditating over. We'll be visiting the many activities and amenities that are offered and if you know me at all, you'll understand that there will definitely been some scrumptious eats from the Dalvay's elegant in-house Dining Room.

Now to snuggle into my king=sized bed for some sweet dreams of Dalvay by the Sea.

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