Sunday, 5 July 2015

Meet the Innkeepers of the Elmwood Heritage

I feel that one of the most unique and special qualities of staying at an Inn is vastly measured by the dedicated proprietors who make it what it is. At the Elmwood Heritage Inn, this could not be more true or even more significant. The word for how Jay and Carol MacDonald have cared for their historic Inn is nurturing. They have truly embraced the roots of this house, right back to its' original owners and infused with their guests and most importantly their own spirit. As I mentioned in my first post, their hospitality embodies Prince Edward Island and I feel that their respect for the past has helped to preserve this home for the future.

Their discerning taste has brought a timeless integrity to the Elmwood Inn, which can been seen with the eyes and even still is felt with the senses. Every corner a host to something significant, whether it be a stunningly grand piece of furniture selected for the home or small, precious tokens gifted from thankful guests. You are surrounded by the beautiful life that Jay and Carol share with their guests and with the Elmwood. Displaying a true passion in every sense, I could listen to Carol open up about their lovely home for hours and pour over the albums of photos they have collected of the Elmwood's long life. There's even a delightful diary they have preserved, written by the first owners of the Elmwood and colorfully detailing the life and times of the 1800s.

Their dedication to the Elmwood doesn't end at the home itself and rather is just the beginning of this delightfully gracious couple who can never do enough for their guests. They too design, prepare and serve all of their breakfasts. Home style cooking with an penchant for the gourmet describes the delectable treats which begin each guest's morning. Served up with their signature warmth and friendliness, each morning is an exciting culinary surprise that is fueled by the priority of their guests. Taking so much care, as soon as you arrive, your preferences are noted and they go above and beyond the call of duty to prepare specialty items for those who have particular food sensitivities.

I am often left smiling after even a brief moment speaking with both Carol and Jay, feeling refreshed and comfortable; as if I am family. And just as family would dote over their guests, so do Jay and Carol, ensuring that every moment you spend on PEI immerses you in relaxation and discovery. Having a special understanding of their neighborhood and the Island on a whole, you're treated to a true local's perspective. Giving insight on the special little nooks of the Island that will fulfill your sense of adventure and have even permanently changed people's lives for the better. There are more than a few stories, after these days with Jay and Carol that I could share with you, but it's something that should really be told from their living perspective. Something that must be experienced in person to fully retain it's deep value.

In the photo above, you see Jay and Carol together at the working fireplace in their dining room, behind the two hangs portraits of Jay's Grandparents, yet another breathtaking touch which makes you a part of these special Innkeepers lives.

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