Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Heart Returns to the Barachois Inn

You might recall that I was completely captivated earlier this month with the Barachois Inn located in Rustico, Prince Edward Island. The quaint fascination that this historic corner of PEI represents, its' people, an outstanding respect for their history and of course the hospitality of Judy and Gary MacDonald of the Barachois. I felt so at home there, that I simply couldn't leave PEI without making one last stop to revisit the place that had romanced me so well the first time around. And so, it's once again from the Barachois that I write to you all, this time with an experience unique from my last.

I'm staying in the Gallant House of the Barachois tonight, their Victorian Traditional Room 4 providing tonight's most unique backdrop. One the third floor of this over 200 year old home, I sit, looking out the window at the Barachois' Victorian garden and ponder just how beautifully the world is made. It carries a romance of spirit that is spoken so highly of in Anne of Green Gables, capturing the imagination with an atmosphere that fosters the very sense of Anne and her time as a child in Avonlea. There is no other Inn that I have come across with a room quite like this. It feels as if this cozy, old-fashioned room could have conjured to life directly from the pages of L.M. Mongomery's beloved and timeless classic.

Hosting two rooms; one with a double bed, it's antique frame made from elm wood and displaying a sweetness of style that is welcoming as soon as you open the door. With the light of the Island sun streaming in like ribbons through the dormer window, the whole atmosphere is bright and refreshing. Certainly something that Anne Shirley would find herself reveling in! The second bedroom features a single bed in a wrought iron frame, which makes this ideal for a family traveling together. There, the sitting room is set up with beautifully appointed antiques and a flat screen TV hidden away in a wooden cabinet, so that if your journey back in time is truly one of the olden'll never even know it's there!

Of course, there are still all the modern conveniences that the Barachois Inn offers. Privately controlled air conditioning, a flat screen TV, a CD player for beautiful music and all of their 5-Star amenities like a gym and sauna!

Personally for me though, some of the best features in this room are really the architectural details. Being on the third floor you're hidden beneath the Mansard roof which creates the singularly unique style that you can only get from such a special location. It's spacious while displaying the sort of style that wraps you up in its' loveliness. My favorite spot in the room is sitting directly in front of ones of the windows, over looking the garden and imagining what it would be like to actually be Anne of Green Gables.

What better place is there to go while dreaming of Anne than to her own house in Cavendish, PEI? The excellent thing is that at the Barachois Inn Judy offers a free pass to guests who would like to visit the site of the Anne of Green Gables' House. Pass in hand, I was ready to head off and compare my room with it's definite Anne-like spirit to those in the famous National site!

As you enter there's a small but comprehensive detailing of Island Author's L.M. Montgomery's life and work, with portraits of her throughout the years, original copies of her novels and handwritten pages of her work! The perfect place to start, you're invited in to watch a small introductory film and then welcomed onto the grounds of Green Gables!

The first thing you see is the Cuthbert's barn, standing tall and featuring some of the old farming tools that Matthew used in the novels, you walk through the barn and see Green Gables rising up above you! This is, as any fan would know, an exciting moment as you see the lush green lawn with it's garden surrounded by a crisp picket fence and spot Anne standing near the front door greeting her guests. I wasn't the only one thrilled by this, as there were many a fan of the Island's red-headed orphan excitingly pointing out the house's details and snapping photos in the carriage that represents the one that brought Anne from Bright River station to Green Gable's itself. After saying my own hellos to Anne and my photographer playfully chatting about her escapades with Raspberry Cordial, we headed into the house.

I don't want to spoil it for any of you, but Green Gables homestead is a lovely spot, the rooms and their furnishings geared completely for the era in which Anne's story begins. There's much to see and bilingual guides who will answer any questions about the house, it's contents and fictional inhabitants. I personally found Marilla's room and her kitchen most interesting, with all of her practical airs shining through clearly! The rooms, truly do breathe in a special sense of their own, each one making a nod to something from the novel and if you take a peek into Anne's room you'll be sure to see one very special (and highly desired) dress!

There's even more to explore of Green Gables, with two beautifully maintained walking paths which would have been Anne's own favorites. Named for the Haunted Woods and Lover's Lane the two paths wind down through the trees and flowers as sunlight streams down from above, lighting the path and illuminating the senses as the awaken to the soft noises of the wood and fresh air that permeates throughout them.

Can you imagine Anne staring wistfully out of this
Barachois Inn window?  I can.
After my exciting day of partaking in the imagination of L.M. Montgomery and being physically surrounded by the atmosphere of what her words expressed through her treasured word, I feel so content I could simply float away on the white way of delight!

...Did I sound like Anne there? I hope I did, I was trying!

Truly though comparing both the rooms at Green Gables and my own special piece of what I consider Anne's life through my room at the Barachois, I would say that Anne would be more than happy to rest her head in such a fitting room. It truly is perfect for fans of Green Gables coming to fully immerse themselves in it's charm and delight...and that's coming from a fan herself!

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