Sunday, 12 July 2015

My Remarkable Memories of Dalvay by the Sea

As you can tell from my writings at Dalvay by the Sea, I've been so enjoying this retreat. Lost in time and accented by the kind of luxury enjoyed in a decade past, it is the kind of exceptional solitude that I will live in my memory until my next visit to the Dalvay. Having spent yesterday by lounging in their relaxing parlors, reading, writing and just soaking up the atmosphere, I was so refreshed that I took a long walk on their ground and even out into the national park. So beautiful, I was captivated by the endless ebb of the waves and the soft music of them as they met the shore.

Truly, yesterday was one of total relaxation as I prepared myself for today, when I must say farewell to this place which has captured such a big piece of my heart. Waking early this morning and wandering downstairs to see the sunrise over the lake, I picked up my morning mug at the coffee bar and watched the dawn while having a chat with Alfred, another one of the Dalvay family that makes it so entirely special. His gentle personality and sweet kindness matched this morning's soft beauty and, as each wonderful person I've met at the Dalvay, enhanced my experience with a sense of friendship.

After the sun was up and I had finished my (third) cup of coffee, it was time for breakfast. Settling at a table with a view of the Dalvay's garden, where an exotic sculpture from the Dune's gallery is displayed, I decided to try something entirely new! The most unique item on the Dalvay's breakfast menu and highly recommended by my favorite waitress, Kayla, I selected the Huevos Rancheros. A classic Spanish breakfast dish consisting of eggs on a bed of salsa and tortilla, the gourmet twist on this traditional breakfast has easily become one of my new favorites!

Colorful and bright, it's just the kind of bright plate I like to see in the morning. Hosting an assortment of zesty flavors it wasn't just brilliant in sight but also on the palate; a remarkably refreshing way to begin the day. The blend of crisp vegetables, juicy tomatoes and tender beans in the house-made salsa were a savory and even slightly sweet blend which lent to the creamy yolk of my sunny side up eggs. Everything together was delicious when when eaten along with the crispy tortilla that made up this meal's base. One of the most exciting parts for me though was the inclusion of the Dalvay's house-made sausage! It's pure flavor and depth of savory went especially well with the melted aged white cheddar that covered the tortilla. I can see why in the Spanish culture this dish is so incredibly popular, given the fact that it also displays a great versatility by working perfectly with any style eggs, vegetarian style or even with the Dalvay's braised lamb.

As generous in flavor as it was in serving, this breakfast was as refreshing as the morning breeze!

Once breakfast met an appetizing end, I set out for one more sentimental walk around the Dalvay before having to check out. Of course, after my check-out I plan on still spending time discovering the walking trails and beaches which I have yet to explore in the vast Brackley National Park and even go to the Dunes, where that very cool sculpture came from. A whole day's enchantment in one property, the Dune is a Gallery, Studio and Cafe with an award-winning garden featured in many magazines. A must-visit on the Island, the Dalvay's close proximity to this delightful spot in fantastic. A treat for each of the five senses, I'll be spending many hours here as part of my PEI adventure.

Although today I left behind Dalvay by the Sea in the physical sense, it will remain with me in all the special ways it has touched my heart and will, indeed continue to be a treasured location. I hope to someday come and reprise this lovely stay, crafting even more memories to cherish.

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