Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Lavish and Pampering Great George Hotel

There's a charm and allure that belongs solely to the Great George Hotel, it's like a rare flower in it's magnificence and captures all of your senses at very first sight. I know I sound like I'm in love here and it's probably because I am, my heart's been absolutely stolen and I honestly have no problem at all with that. And I'm so lucky to say that my own little slice of the Great George on this stay is one of their stunning Queen Suites.

Remember how I said it was better than I could imagine? Well, here's why...

Upon entering the room my senses were immediately awakened; three exquisite flower arrangements decorated my suite, their fragrance greeting me and wafting through the room while soft music lilts throughout the room. That is, beyond definition, the meaning of welcome. With the soothing sounds, plush surfaces, sumptuous decor and relaxing scent of flowers; this suite is indeed a true sensory experience. If you add in the homemade cookies from downstairs, the Great George has all five of your senses covered as soon as you check-in. That's some pretty impressive attention to detail and commitment to excellence right there.

And so before I could even truly take in the lovely suite around me, I was already head over heels...

Of course, I was about to be spellbound. The Suite itself is incredibly spacious, giving ample room to feel at home whichever corner you're in. The Television area has a comfy (and romantic) love seat which snuggles you with it's fluffy cushions and looks out on the rooftops of Downtown Charlottetown. In fact, from each of set of the two the bay windows you can see a view of Downtown Charlottetown. Its' historic brilliance displayed from one of the city's most beautifully preserved historic locations, you are living in and with the opulent history of Canada's smallest Province. The home to the Charlottetown Conference which is famed to be a catalyst for Canadian Confederation, you're steps away from the very building where our founding Father's gathered.

For me, personally, the view of St. Dunstan's Basilica is to enchanting that I sit alongside the window and look up at it's architectural grandeur and simply marvel at the very idea that I am here, in the center of all this splendor taking in the greatest view that Charlottetown has to offer. It is literally looking out upon the dream and ideas that the Province's strong-willed and imaginative citizens built for us here in the future.

The Great George Inn deeply respects their ties to Historic Charlottetown in many ways. There are black and white photos throughout the room of the Island's past to add yet another irresistible personal touch to each of their completely unique 54 hotel rooms. There is even a book which chronicles many parts of PEI's history on my writing desk so that, as with their walking tour, I can understand just what it is that drives the passion the Great George has for their incredibly prestigious location.

There is a gorgeous four poster Queen sized bed that is one of the two perfect centerpieces for this Suite, it's dark woods pairing perfectly with the antique writing desk and chest of drawers which accompany it. An ultra-comfortable bed, it's pillow top is like sleeping on a cloud, which I found out by giving a little comfy test before I actually turn in for the night. Soft as air, I'm looking forward to the sweetest of dreams on this deliciously soft bed!

Of course, if the bed is one of the center, the other is an antique claw foot tub which romantically sits across from the bed in it's own special corner under the vaulted ceiling, giving it a feeling of privacy and warmth all it's own. The cast iron tub is yet another nod to the history that surrounds you as being a part of the Great George Hotel. Yes, it's true, you're not just staying for a visit, once you come to the Great George you are a part of it and that is some kind of sweet reality. You're a part of the building history of this embracing spot on PEI and it is just as much a part of you as it will live on as a special memory, calling you back to it.

In the bathroom there is featured fluffy bath towels and some of the best and my personal favorite beauty products. Using Aveda as their in house beauty brand, you're senses are pampered once again with the earth-conscious and consumer loving products that Aveda is so famous for. Their classic rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioners are there along with an assortment of soaps. Fully relaxing and opening bringing the mind to a quiet place of contentment, it's another sign that the Great George's first priority is the total enjoyment of their guests. Pair that with the Yoga Mats and plush robes and you're all set for the most relaxing stay of your life!

Along with all of this generous and personal touches, the suite's amenities include your own personal Keurig Coffee Machines, a broad assortment of television channels to surf on your flat screen TV, privately controlled air conditioning and high speed wi-fi internet.

Everything from the resorted hardwood floors to the vaulted ceilings and discreetly modern touches of convenience is nothing short of perfection; if not above. Notify Webster's Dictionary because apparently at the Great George Inn, better than perfect is actually a thing. Clearly there is nothing too good for the guests of Hoteliers Kevin and Kathy Murphy, who have put every driving thought of the Great George Hotel into lavishing their guests with their indulgent tastes.

And I for one have no problem at all with being indulged.

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